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Be Driven.
Be Humble.
Be Fit.

Be Fit Gym Houston is here for you and to assist you in your fitness goals and needs.  Browse our site, then come by and take a tour and see our great facility for yourself.  You'll be glad you did!


Locally owned fitness that's right for you  

Be FIt Gym was founded in 2015 as a place for members to come together as a community to achieve their fitness goals in a facility designed to provide the maximum amount of potential for your workout. 

Workout Facility

Be Fit Gym Houston

We're not just a gym, we're a fitness community that is locally owned and operated by passionate owners

who invested their energy into crafting a world-class facility that meets the needs of our members.  Recently, Be Fit Gym moved to an all-new location featuring air-conditioned facilities and many new amenities that  you will find accommodating to your fitness needs and goals.  Take a tour today or come by and join us for a work-out.

Our Methods

Pro Training

Our team of trainers are ready to guide you to your fitness goals and be there with professional knowledge and inspiration.  Contact our trainers to schedule a conversation about what type of routine and plan is right for you.


As trainers, we can direct you to work your muscle groups and coach you to the ideal look that you have in mind.  Contact us today!


As little or as intense as you want to handle your workout.  We can guide you to achieve a new level of fitness.


Feel the burn as you train your muscle groups to a higher level of fitness.


Your personal trainer will dedicate time and resources to coach you and train your muscle groups.  For a beginner or an advanced training program, we have your health in mind.


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